1. Heaven's Only Wishful

  2. Back To The Bottom (Radio Mix)
    Port Cities

  3. Confessions (I Should've Known)
    Common Deer

  4. Christmas Without You
    Fortunate Ones

  5. Hurricane Lovers
    Bond Girls

  6. Break Your Heart
    Mammoth Gardens (Barry F Walsh)

  7. Nantes
    Duane Andrews

  8. Attitude of Grattitude
    The Swinging Bells

  9. Bear In The Kitchen
    Greg McEvoy

  10. Me And My Machines

  11. Storm Chaser
    Inlet Sound

  12. Nouveaux En Pire

  13. We All Need
    Luke Nicholson

  14. Dance Cry Dance

  15. Electric Dusk

  16. You're My Best Friend
    The Once

  17. National Security

  18. Sword In The Rough

  19. Magnetic North
    Inlet Sound

  20. Steam
    Deep Sea Arcade

  21. Someone Who's Around
    Greg McEvoy

  22. Bye Bye Montreal
    Amelia Curran

  23. I Don't Want To Hear Another Love Song
    Patrick Brealey

  24. The Empress
    Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews

  25. Model Homes
    In Flight Safety

  26. Delia And The Sculptor
    Elise Epp

  27. Good Little Robot
    Future History

  28. Pale Rider
    The Heavy Horses

  29. Beijing
    My Mathematical Mind

  30. Bright Glow
    Little City

  31. I Used To Dance

  32. Hunting Season
    Hands And Teeth

  33. Jaws Of Life

  34. Oh Yeah
    The Cliks

  35. Downtime
    The Gandharvas

  36. The Good In Everyone

  37. I Am Sound
    Secret Broadcast

  38. Atlas
    Alert The Medic

  39. Wandering Dry
    The Diableros

  40. Sperry 10" Single
    Little City

  41. Kids

  42. Tone Bank Jungle
    Holy Fuck

  43. Another Pilot
    Hey Rosetta

  44. Blue Sky
    Thom Swift

  45. Sore

  46. El Camino
    The Heelwalkers

  47. You Got My Word
    Dave Picco

  48. Even You Out
    Fjord Rowboat

  49. He Said, She Said
    Mercy The Sexton

  50. Master Tracks Sample/ Aux TV
    Matt Paxton

  51. I Can Feel It

  52. Big City Lights
    Monday Nights

  53. Way It's Been
    Jetset Motel

  54. Scott Pilgrim

  55. Too Much Kathleen
    Cool Blue Halo


Laurence Currie Toronto, Ontario

I have been producing/ engineering/ mixing and re-mixing music since 1993. The work speaks for itself. I love what I do and I hope the artists I work with benefit from my passion.

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